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Marsha McClintok

Fold Over Elastic

Fold Over Elastic

Here’s a quick way to finish armholes, necklines and garment edges. Use fold over elastic on knits or wovens. It comes in array of gorgeous colors and gives a very professional finish. This product is 5/8" wide but when folded becomes a ¼"satin finish trim. There is a change of weave down the center, allowing you to easy folding. Fold the elastic so one side is just slightly wider that the other. Steam the elastic to hold the strip in the folded position. Make sure to remove the seam allowance of any area you are binding. Fold the elastic over the edge of the garment with the wider side of the elastic on the underside. Pin in place. Do not stretch as you sew, until you reach a curve then pull, ever so slightly. Too much pulling causes puckering. Finish ends by placing elastic right sides together and stitching across. Press seam open, fold elastic in half and finish attaching to the garment edge.

For pictures and more information go to: Fold over Elastic Application


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