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Criteria for Membership

Mission Statement

The Independent Pattern Company Alliance (IPCA) is comprised of companies formed by independent fashion pattern designers. The goal of the IPCA is to increase awareness of the high standards of its members throughout the fashion sewing industry. To achieve this goal, IPCA members jointly devise and implement marketing plans aimed at both retail and wholesale customers. IPCA members are working together to establish a benchmark for independent fashion pattern design.

Membership Qualifications

Company Criteria
Each member company must be independently owned and operated while consistently producing a line of independent fashion patterns.

Each member company is required to participate in and share expenses for IPCA advertising approved by a majority of the members. Equal ad space will be given to each company.

Further, each member must conduct business in a way that serves the best interest of all members of IPCA.

Product Criteria
In order to meet IPCA standards, members’ patterns must meet these criteria:

● Packaging must look professional.

● Patterns must be professionally drafted.

● Patterns must be professionally graded, when appropriate.

● Patterns must include comprehensive, clearly written, and appropriately illustrated instructions.

Membership Benefits
● Members participate in cooperative advertising in retail and/or wholesale markets.

● Members participate in an annual meeting to discuss IPCA issues and to devise further marketing plans. In addition, members are frequently polled via email to respond to ongoing issues throughout the year.

● Members have frequent opportunities to network with each other at retail trade shows as well as by email, therefore benefiting from the support and expertise of other members.

● Members may share in a cooperative booth at wholesale shows.

● Members can take pride in the knowledge that IPCA membership lends credibility to their products by assuring customers that they meet high standards for quality and accuracy.

● Members participate in a joint website that provides links to the websites of all member companies. Members may send email newsletters to subscribers to the website.

Member Activities
In order to promote IPCA, members are provided with master copies of the IPCA logo which should (or must) be included on printed materials such as pattern envelopes. Members also receive signs (free or paid/) they should display at public appearances and in their booths at trade shows. The mission statement is fulfilled when retail customers see multiple signs, illustrating the strength of the Alliance.

Typically, members display their garments in fashion shows at various sewing expositions across the country and throughout the year. Thus the logo appears in more venues than each company can attend independently.

Members produce an annual IPCA Fashion Show at the International Textile Show held each spring in Las Vegas, giving members exposure to wholesale fabric vendors and to wholesale pattern customers. The annual meeting to discuss issues and marketing occurs during this show.

Each member company has their logo prominently displayed on the IPCA website, Each logo provides a link to the member company’s website. In addition, members can send email newsletters to subscribers to the website.

For Associate Membership and Mentoring Program download the information packet here.






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